Thank You for Dropping In!

I appreciate you taking a peek at the new site currently under development. On December 31, 2013 I launched Paranormal Insights and since then have created a growing audience with some very unique perspectives. On October 7, 2015 I self-published my first book entitled Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties: A Comprehensive Approach to the Possibilities. This past Sunday I graduated with an Honors Degree in Education, strongly focused on Science. All of these endeavors have led to this current project.


As I am not a professional web designer, you will see small changes happening over the next few weeks. The goal of this site is summed up in the tagline you see in the above banner:

 “Seeking Scientific Closure for Paranormal Phenomena”

I encourage you to reach out to me through the contact page about any communications or experiences you may have had with the paranormal. Specific areas of interest are geology, quantum physics, pregnancy and the paranormal, and experiences in tuberculosis sanatoriums. I look forward to hearing from you and our journey into the future….



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